With a sunny disposition, Capitola Beach can be called the perfect beach vacation spot. With over 8 miles of beautiful white sand along the Pacific Ocean, Capitola Beach offers some of the most beautiful views of the entire San Diego area. The clear ocean water is so clear that you could nearly see Santa Barbara, the Tidal Basin, and Newport Beach right in the distance. With two full gas stations, four restaurants, five hotels, and one ice cream shop, Capitola Beach offers something for everyone.

The Untold Secret To Capitola Beach In Less Than Ten Minutes

While the whole coastline of Capitola boasts several fine dining restaurants, many locals prefer to take a bite from one of its fantastic restaurants. Of course, there is the full old-school seafood experience at any number of the restaurants in Old Town, but local residents also enjoy the likes of French haute cuisine and sushi bar serving up freshly made sushi or some frozen rolls. The Capitola Beach Pier, which serves as the exclusive pier of the San Diego Aquarium, allows visitors to fish as long as they wish during the winter months. The main events for the town include festivals and parades, with the latest being a March parade featuring fire trucks and other local attractions. During these events, tourists will find streets blocked off, traffic moving at a snail’s pace, and plenty of parking to get into the different venues. The entire area is well worth a day or two of strolls around and sightseeing, especially for those interested in art, culture, and history.

In the summer, Capitola Beach also offers a variety of outdoor activities; this includes hiking, biking, kayaking, snorkeling, swimming, fishing, and surfing. One of the most popular surfing beaches in Southern California, the Crystal Cove Surf Academy is located not too far from downtown Capitola Village. Located just two blocks away from the famous surfing spot, Crystal Cove features quality waves, which makes it a popular choice for beginners. Several popular restaurants can be found in close proximity to the surfing academy, where you can enjoy delicious seafood, drinks, snacks, and even lessons from professional surfers.

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