custom wetsuits australia

Custom wetsuits are those that have been specifically designed for a particular purpose, and they are made in a style that matches the event in which they are to be used. They are very useful for sports like swimming, diving, water skiing, wind surfing and so on. The word ‘wetsuit’ refers to the full bodied, waterproof suit worn by divers. It is a fitting suit consisting of a liner garment over the torso and a pair of pants with flaps at the knees and ankles.


Wetsuits come in two varieties – one with a full jacket and liner and another with just a lining. The type of material used is also an important factor to consider while ordering a custom-fitted suit. Materials such as neoprene, elastane and spandex are used for the manufacturing of a custom suit. The thickness of the material is also an important factor to consider while making a purchase.


The most commonly ordered custom wetsuits Australia are those that are made from neoprene and spandex because it has a good stretchability factor and it’s comfortable to wear. Custom suits can also be made from Merino wool and the choice of colour is also great. Black is the most popular colour for a custom-fitted suit, followed by navy blue, white and grey. It is important to choose the right size, as over-the-knee styles are not suitable for competitive swimming. A good tailor makes all attempts to make sure that your custom wetsuit fits you well and gives you the confidence to participate in any water sport.

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