When looking for a personal bodyguard in London, you should know that not all personal protection services are created equal. There are many differences between how professional and personal bodyguards do their jobs, and there are also many differences between the personal bodyguard in London that you hire and how they are compared to those from other locations around the UK. This is not only important when it comes to hiring a personal bodyguard in London, but it is also important to know how the service can be better tailored to meet your needs. Here is a closer look at these differences.

The Role Of Residential Security Guards

The first thing that is different about personal bodyguard in London that you should be aware of is that while the guards hired by the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea may be working directly for the queen and her private guards, some of the same guards in the Kensington & Chelsea will be working as private bodyguards for the prince and his entourage. The reason that this is the case is because the prince’s entourage is larger than the queen’s, and since the king is her husband, they have been using her as a way to ensure that her reign continues even after her second child is born. While the guards in Kensington & Chelsea may be working for the royal family directly, there is also a separate force that is employed solely for her. This is why you often hear of visits from the royal family in the middle of the night, as well as the queen’s personal bodyguard and security detail. This has to ensure that the public in London and its citizens are kept safe by ensuring that the queen’s and the prince’s entourage’s safety are not compromised, and that the protection around the city are maintained at all times.

Then there is the issue of the British Foreign Office’s private Military Intelligence unit known as the FMIA. You may have heard of it before, as it was one of the intelligence units that monitored the IRA after the Brighton bomb. The FMIA is also responsible for keeping tabs on any information that pertains to the private security teams of both the British government and private contractors that work for them and are trained in many ways to ensure their safety at all times. In fact, the last thing that any of them want is for their identities to get out into public, which is why they need to hire the services of a finnighan such as Boydel London to ensure their safety.

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