An Emulsion Truck is the latest innovation in the commercial world. The Emulsion Truck is a cold-in-place roller that is specially designed for laying asphalt. It uses no water or oil and no hydraulic pressure to keep the asphalt material laid in place, and it does not pick up heat well. This means that the finished product will stay flat, clean, and save time on any road surface. By using an Emulsion Truck as opposed to a roller or a drag line, asphalt installers can complete a professional job more quickly and with less damage to the roadbed.

Emulsion Blend Blasting Product and How it Differs from ANFO

emulsion truck

A cold-in-place roller uses a low-water lubrication system to keep the product in place and prevents water from leaking out. An automatic asphalt distributor has a limit on how much pressure it can exert on the rolled piece of bitumen, so if there is too much water in the tank the entire project can be ruined. If there is too little water in the tank the bitumen cannot pick up enough traction to stay on the road, and the asphalt cannot be installed properly. With a cold-in-place roller the bitumen gets a constant amount of traction that allows it to stay on the road.

With an Emulsion Truck, a cold-in-place roller is used and then a high-pressure water truck is used to complete the installation. Since no hydraulic pressure is required to keep the material in place, this saves the business money on both the truck and the installation. There are no heat leaks, no heat generated in the tank to prevent the product from picking up water, and no dangerous explosions. This makes the Emulsion Truck an excellent choice for all types of road projects.

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