Satta King or Satta Matka as it is popularly known is an old India lottery game which saw its humble origin in the pre-Independence days. Yes, individuals have been playing the lotto for almost that much. The first game was brought in the Indian continent right before Independence. The craze for the game reached all levels of society and thus the popularity of the game picked up momentum. It has been almost a century now since the game made its way to this country but like many things Indian also has a rich history associated with it. The game got its title from the Matka or the wooden pots where the chits were drawn.


One method used to ascertain whether the next draw would be a winning number for the person playing the satta king game was the method of checking on the total that had been scored during the previous draws. The total score is less than twenty-five was termed as the “low ball.” This meant that the next draw would have to be a winner and any other number that came over the low ball mark was deemed to be a high ball. Being that the game is based on probability the low ball always wins the game. See more-


The satta king game is not as easy as you may imagine as there are certain rules that govern it. For example, a drawing must be done whereby at least one and every three cards were picked out from among those remaining in the deck. Only three cards should be picked in each group, irrespective of how many players are participating in the game. Also, one should remember that the card values that are initially given out must be recalculated every ninety days thereafter as per the latest published values for the respective currencies in India.

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