cat hotel adelaide

If you are looking for a comfortable, quality and reasonably priced place to stay with your cat then you should be looking at the Cat Hotel Adelaide. This is one of the best places for your four legged friend to have a quiet and relaxing time away from home. The hotel boasts over thirteen rooms, all of which are fully furnished with the latest in cat furniture and so making them the perfect option for owners looking to give their feline friend a lovely stay.


In the main guest rooms you will find that each one has its own luxurious style of cat furniture that is made from materials such as leather and upholstered fabrics. In the master suite you will find a huge dressing area complete with a high backed couch, two separate beds and plenty of storage space. The rooms all look very decorated with lots of crystal chandeliers, stylish furniture and lovely art pieces that will help you feel confident bringing your cat along with you when you relax.


As, well as the guest rooms there are two other areas in the cat hotel Adelaide which offer owners a great deal of convenience. One is the veterinary clinic which offers all of the services that any pet owner could ever need. This includes vaccinations and checkups as well as neutering if you have any. The second is the grooming area, which is very spacious and used on a daily basis by both staff and clients. You can even order the latest cat furniture and kitty products from here.

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