upper dentures wellington

Upper dentures are an option for those who need to replace worn-out or broken lower teeth, and Wellington are among the best places in NZ to get them from. Upper dentures wellington, New Zealand offer a wide range of different services, ranging from cleaning to fitting to dentures – everything is possible at one place. If you have teeth that have been damaged by gum disease, cavities, broken fillings or other issues, your dentist will be able to advise on what options are best for you, and he or she will be able to suggest a course of action for achieving better oral health and a healthier smile. Your dentist will also be able to discuss how to solve any problems that are causing you pain, and this could include treatments such as crowns or bridges – restoring missing teeth with prosthetics or dental implants.

Upper Denture Services

Those who do not have teeth which they can easily cover, but whose gaps are larger than the size of their lips, cheeks or chin can also benefit from Wellingtons. This option involves placing a permanent artificial enamel covering over the entire tooth. Depending on the type of denture you choose, you may have the option to wear a soft or hard Wellingtons, and you can also make the dentures comfortable and suitable for daily use by choosing from a range of different styles.

Those who need dentures to correct gaps in between teeth can have their dentures customized to fit perfectly. You might have a gap which causes your teeth to jut out, whereas another may cause your jaws to close together – both conditions can be rectified through well-made upper dentures. Dentists in Wellington offer a wide range of services including cleaning dentures and fittings, and you can even have dentures fitted if your mouth does not have sufficient bone to support traditional dentures. For those who require dentures to improve their appearance, a variety of different options are available, and dentists in Wellington are able to offer a full range of services for every type of situation. Your dentist will be able to help you choose an upper denture that is suitable for you, and will also help you maintain it properly.

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